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How it works

Creating a website with to-wed is just so easy!

We want you to get the most out of your big day, so we've made it easy for you to get a great domain that helps you build that visually stunning wedding website that you can proudly share with all your guests to let them know where to be, and what to do.


To get started, you have to register for a free account of course! We just need to know who you are, and when your wedding is. Don't worry if you haven't planned a day yet - you can just leave the day blank for the moment, and indeed the location.

We ask for the name of the Bride and the Groom, and also for the Full name of the person signing up - we know sometimes you may want to have a different name, such as your nick name (such as Kim), at the top of the site, but your full name may be different (such as 'Kimberley').

A key part of setting up your website is setting the Theme. It's optional at registration, and you can change it at any time if you like. This is how your wedding website will look.

We also ask what domain name you would like. This is how people find your wedding website. Your domain name is displayed on your dashboard.

Your dashboard

Now you are registered, just log in, using either your domain name, or your email address.

The first page you come to is your dashboard, which tells you all the information about your site and your guests at a glance.

RSVP - your invite list

Let's start by adding the names of your guests, so they can RSVP. You don't have to do this if you just want a website, but it's a great feature.

For the RSVP list, just start typing in first and last names. When the list is full, you can add lines for more guests.

Don't forget to save the list when you are done.

You can now set up which events guests are invited to. For example some guests may only be invited to the reception, not the wedding - it's up to you.

Further details on how to set up RSVP, Events and Emailis in the Help Section.


Click on the Events tab at the top, and you'll see two events already pre-filled. The wedding, and the reception. You can set the time and date of each one, and whether guests can RSVP to these events, so that guests can respond to which bit of the wedding they will or won't attend (service, reception, etc).

Some events may not require an RSVP, in which case you can untick the box for Guests can RSVP. All these events will appear on your events pages.

You can also set questions for guests about the events, and possible answers - for example dietary requirements, or guests or accommodation.

On your list of guests, you can tick which event guests are invited to. Then, when guests go to your website, under RSVP, they can type in their name, and see the events they are invited to.

Guests can tick a box to say they are attending an event, or not, and also respond to your questions. They can also send you a personal message.


Of course, your wedding isn't just about the guests - it's also about getting wedding presents. You can enter a list of all the gifts you would like under the registry section, and guests can mark a gift as purchased.

For this section go back to the dashboard, and then click on Registry Type.

We know everyone is different, so you can select whether you have a personal list of gifts, a wishing well, ask for money to be donated to charity, or you have a registry elsewhere.

Or, just leave it blank, and your registry won't appear.

Further details on how to set up RSVP, Events and Emailis in the Help Section.

Your website

Of course your wedding website is all about the website. We have some amazing website themes, or you can create your own. On the dashboard, go to the Website Editor.

There are sections here so you can:

Further details on how to Create your Website is in the Help Section.

Page content

Start off with the welcome page. Here you have the text on the left, and an impression of how the website will look on the right. You can change the title of the page, and turn it on or off.

You can change the font size, and layout. However the actual default font is set in the style section, so it is consistent on all your pages.


We know you want lots of great images for your website too. To upload your images, go to the Images section in the Dashboard. If you are using a PC, you can just drag images from your 'My Pictures' files on your PC into the dashed box - the green bar shows as they upload and then they are ready to use. On an ipad, tablet, or older computer, click the 'Choose Files' button, and select the images you want.

Then to insert the images into your website, click the coloured picture on the top right of the text editor toolbar, and select the alignment (left or right) and size you want to appear, and the image you want. Of course, once it is in your text, you drag it to a new location, or change its size by clicking on it, and make it larger or smaller by dragging the corners in or out.

You can also use images as backgrounds - and this is the most powerful part of changing the style. Here you have two tabs - you can select your images, or you can select the 'stock' images, which come pre-loaded into to-wed.

Further details on how to set up Images and the Gallery in the Help Section.

Style - background images

In the Style section, you can select the background image for the whole page, and a separate image for the header, content, and menus. For background you can select a background image, a background colour, or none at all. If there is an image, it takes precedent over background colour. If you set the background image to just 'fit' you will always see all of the image, but the spaces around the image will be filled with the colour.

If you select the Big Picture theme, you have maximum flexibility in terms of where you place images.

There are also some Special Images. These are for example images of the couple used in some themes in the header.

Further details on how to Create your Website is in the Help Section.
It really is that easy - if you have any more questions, details on how to change each element are in our FAQ section, or just get in contact!