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Create the perfect wedding website that makes it easy to share and coordinate all the details of your wedding. From managing RSVPs to letting guests known where to go, and capturing the joy of your special day for years to come.

Getting Started

We have a step-by-step guide to build your web page, and tell everyone about the great day.


Customise your website with colours, fonts, and your photos. Add a page for your love story, wedding party, schedule of events, gift registry, and more.


Include a gift registry with wedding presents, a wishing well, or registry at a store.

Photo gallery

Share your favourites moments from before, during, and after your big day. Upload images from Facebook, and guests can upload their photos to your gallery.

Travel and Accomodation

Add information about accomodation, flights, rental cars, pubs, etc, and then use our online map creator to make them stand out.


Manage your guest list, send RSVPs via Email. Import your guest list from a file. Select which events guests are invited to, and add questions about each event.

Mobile & Tablet

All out pages are fully responsive, which means you can view or edit them on any device, from your phone to a tablet!

Restrict viewing

Manage control guest permissions, so only guests you want to view your site can, and only those who you want to invite to each event know about them.

Key Features

Email RSVP to guests Multiple events, add RSVP questions
Drag and drop images
Import Facebook images
Import guest names & emails from csv
Guests can upload images
Click to add Google maps

The wedding website builder

Your wedding is important to you. It is the biggest day of your life. We will give you the tools to build a visually stunning and highly personal wedding website which means you can share with your guests all the details of the big day.
Build a beautiful wedding website that you'll actually want to show off.
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You can customise every element, to show what is important to you.

We can help you build that visual and personable wedding website that you can proudly share with all your guests to let them know where to be, and what to do.

All the design, as simple as

It really is as simple as a click of the mouse. You can customise the colours, layout, and fonts of your site using our amazing website editing tool. See how changes impact on the site in real time. We know you aren't a coder, and our website is designed to ensure everyone can highlight their big day.

Save on stamps and hassle

Our RSVP lists are easy to use, and are as simple as typing in everyone on your guest list. There is no limit to the number of people you can have on your guest lists. Avoid the headaches and hassle of invites in the post.

Accept RSVP responses from your guests directly from your wedding website, and you can see instantly when someone has responded.

To-wed: All of your wedding on the web.

Amazing wedding websites

Easy Event Setup

You can have multiple events, and then select who is invited to each event. If only a subset of your guest list is invited to the wedding ceremony, and another group invited to the reception - no problem. We handle the RSVP list, and only those invited to each event can respond.

If you wish, you can turn on a 'maybe' attending, so you know if someone is thinking of turning up, but can't say for definite yet.

The best wedding registry

Your wedding registry is as personal as you. You can either select gift registries at Australian stores, or you can have a wishing well, or even donate money to charity.

Alternatively, use our online registry, where you can enter an unlimited number of wedding gifts, and guests can say when they have bought them for you.

Unlimited Images

You can store as many photos as you like. Get up and running the second you sign up. There is no coding - just drag in your photos.

Made with love - just add a theme

Not sure how to lay out your wedding website? That's where our great themes come in. Select from a huge number of visually striking themes, all of which are fully responsive - which means they look great on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Or, if you want maximum flexibility, start with a blank theme and lay out your fonts, menus, colours, and images just as you want them, with a striking background image.

For mobile, tablet & computer


We cover all the bases so you can convey every important wedding detail to your guests.

Every inch of your wedding day

From the story of you, the couple, to all the information your guests need on accommodation or wedding events.

All the pre-built pages are ready for you to personalise and put your stamp on. You then enter the style pages, and customise all the colours, images, fonts, and sizes. Or just leave them as set by the theme. It's up to you.

We focus on the most important day in the world. Yours.

Easy web preview editor

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We cover all the bases so you can convey every important wedding detail to your guests, so please tell all your friends about us.

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